What Statement: New + Old

What Statement: New + Old

Sometimes the New variable will be first variable. For example:

Individual or Small Group Activity

    1. Determine the two variables in the following What Statements.
    2. Decide if the What Statement is O+O, O+N, or N+O.

Prompt: If you could do anything you want this weekend, regardless of cost, what would you do?

If I could do anything this weekend, regardless of cost,

What Statement



1. I like the sport of curling.


2. Studying aye-aye lemurs can lead to college scholarships


3. I collect antique Japanese glass fishing balls.


4. Brachytherapy helps reduce prostate cancer.


5. My sister likes to rollerskate.


6. Antarctica is the site of the southernmost marathon.


7. My uncle is a world expert at building igloos.


8.  The musket helped the Pilgrims survive.


9. Soapcarving is a major industry in rural Thailand.


10. I once scored 37 points in a basketball game.


*cave explorer

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise:     Martinique

Optional Activity