How to Read the Essays

How to Read the Essays

How to use the books:

  1. Click on the book. Then click on the lesson you want.
  2. If you wish to contribute an essay:

a. It must follow the “rules” (see “Read Me 1st)
b. We greatly encourage that an essay be written as a class project
c. All essays should include a grammar exercise.
d. Picking an essay:

i. Essays in boldface are complete. Use these for a combination of reinforcement exercises and to teach cultural literacy.
ii. Essays in red are underway.
iii. Essays in regular type are available. See “Read Me 1st” for suggestions.

e. The number to the right of the essay is the suggested grade level for reading. Feel free to assignment higher or lower numbers.

Also, feel free to have students write an essay on a higher level or a lower level than their grade level.  See “Read Me 1st” for a longer explanation.