1.2a How The Guthridge Grammar System Works (GGS)

Part 1

Goal A: Create Linear Process

Dr. G. created the Guthridge Grammar System to improve grammar and language skills for children. He had two goals.

The first: Create a linear approach instead of one that results in a hamster wheel of frustration. For instance, unlike students having to know what a pronoun is to correctly identify nouns, GGS assumes zero knowledge on the student’s part.

When students begin, the system assumes they know nothing about grammar. They learn Concept A.  Concept B assumes only the knowledge of Concept B.  Concept C assumes only knowledge of A and B. And so on.

The concepts are stairs in which each stair is concrete. Nothing is vague. For example, a noun is no longer a “person, place, thing, or idea.”

It is “the ________ named _______.”  Fill in either blank, and you have a noun:  The boy. The boy named Jeffrey.

Each stair is explained in ways that everyone can understand.

There have been instances in which students in a Challenged class, using the system, outscored the students in the Gifted class who were not using it.