What are Interjections?

Interjections are words or phrases that express emotion but are not grammatically connected to the word(s) around them.

Typical examples: Shoot!     Hello.     Thanks!     No!     Wow!     Whatever.     Goodbye.   Hey!

Test for Interjections

The test for interjections is  _________! 

If you can fill in the blank and you have not identified the part of speech, then the word is an interjection.

Darn! Shoot!  Good grief!

The word does not have to have an exclamation point associated with it. It’s just that it can:

Darn, I should have bet on Pittsburgh.

Words with Two Meanings

Most interjections have more than one meaning and are different parts of speech:

                        Verb:                          Shoot!             Shoot the ball!

                        Interjection:              Shoot!             Shoot, I missed!

Common Interjections

Interjections do not have to be associated with anger or loss. Hello, for example, is an interjection. The following are typical interjections:

    • Hello.
    • Goodbye.
    • Hey!
    • Thank you.
    • Whatever!

Swear Words

Swear Words are interjections in which you call down the Lord to do something. Doing that means you are ordering God to do something and thus putting yourself about the Lord. 

Perhaps you do not believe in God. But are you willing to risk everything over a few words? What will you have gained? Not to mention that swear words turn off many people, including loved ones, business associates, clients, and customers.

Vulgar Words

Vulgar Words are those you should not use at all or, at best, when no member of the opposite gender is around. Most people feel that such language is inappropriate in the workplace. 

Borderline Words

Over time, people developed words that were considered acceptable and that replaced the stronger words. Those have included—

    • Shoot!
    • Darn!
    • Dang!
    • Dang it!
    • Gol darn it!

Individual Activity

Complete both exercises:     Northern Macedonia


Optional Activity