Twisted Prose

Twisted Prose

Twisted prose occurs when you do not write in a natural syntax. It is often caused by trying to cram many ideas into one sentence. An example:

The Arawak Indians, a peaceful tribe, and they had highly advanced traditions of pottery, also weaving, and they did building too.

To Fix Twisted Prose

    • Break up the prose into shorter sentences. Don’t try to cram two or more ideas into the same sentence.
    • Delete wordiness. Take out words or phrases that basically same the same thing as other words or phrases. However, do not delete important information.

Individual or Small Group Activity

Straighten out the following:

  1. The Mona Lisa, which hangs in the Louvre and Leonardo da Vinci painted it, is the most famous painting in the world.

2. Some tribal women, wearing neck rings in Thailand, which do not stretch the neck but they suppress the clavicle.

3. The time of witchcraft, when there were witches being executed, and which lasted over 200 years, killing all the women in some German villages.

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercises:   Texas

Optional Activity