Trees and Lesser Verbs

We can now add determiners to our syntax tree(s).

Small Group Activity

Match the following with the answer.  Put only one answer in each blank. Use each answer only once. It does not matter which correct answer you put in the verb slot.

1. ______ noun                            A. Almost the same as be
2. ______ to                                 B. –n sound
3. ______ done                             C. The _____ named ______
4. ______ determiner                   D. Robbie’s dog
5. ______ am                                E. Verb if followed by a verb

Individual Activity

6. ______ verb                                                                   F. his

7. ______  determiner                                                       G. Not a verb

8. ______  every                                                                H. She ________

9. ______ Julia was eating quickly                                    I. Verb 

10. ______ The flying bicycle rose above the clouds.       J. determiner

Small Group Activity

Create a tree for each sentence below.

  1. Name each word’s part of speech. Use these letters:

N = Noun

V = Verb

D = Determiner

D         D              N             V      V          V

My friend’s chimpanzee   likes    to   skateboard.

(Skateboard can be a noun, but it is a verb in this sentence.)

    2. Start the tree by drawing a box for “Sentence.” Label it S.

   3. Pretend the S is someone’s head. Draw a line from the bottom and out to the right and left for “shoulders.” Put the first verb in a box on the right-hand shoulder. Label it V.

   4. Place all words to the right of the first verb below it on the tree.

    5. Put the first word in the sentence in a box on the the left-hand shoulder. Label it.

   6. If any words are between the first word and the first verb, then place them below the first word.

    7. (Optional.) Color the tree.  Use the following colors:

Sentence                =          red

Nouns                    =          brown

Verbs                     =          green

Determiners          =          blue

Small Group Activity

    1. Draw a tree for each sentence below.

2. Label the parts of speech.

3. Show the trees to your teacher.

4. Color the boxes if your teacher says to.

A. The air conditioner decided to work.

B. Rudolph, Santa’s reindeer, helped bring Christmas toys.

C. Virginia, a teacher, has been named Mississippi’s senator.

D. Saturday’s parade will be honoring Xoxsa, the American chess team coach.

E. Rubica loved to play African history video games.

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise:   Scotland