Trees and Determiners

We can now add determiners to our syntax tree(s).

Class Activity

Name the part of speech for each word in the sentences below.

Use N for noun, V for verb, and D for determiner.

Example: My stamp collection has Brazilian stamps.

D       N           N       V         N             N 

My stamp collection has Brazilian stamps.

 1. Our                    dog                    loves                   his                    doghouse.

 2. The                  ocean                  waves                pounded          the          seashore.

 3. My                  brother                  lost                       my              toy            soldiers.

 4. Every               cat                     chased                   the                sewer              rat.

 5. Their              Christmas             tree             has            German           Christmas            bulbs.

 6. Our                  brother’s              wife                  sold                  his                    ring.

 7. My                  cousin                  Fred             speaks                 sign                 language.



  1. To draw a tree, first draw a box and label is “S.” That stands for “sentence” and is the start of the tree’s trunk.

   2. Next, draw a box on each side of the tree. Think of them as someone’s shoulders.

   3. Label the right-side box V. That stands for “verb.”  Put the first verb there.

    4. Any words to the right of the first verb will go below it.

   5. Label the left-side box with whatever is the part of speech for the first word in the sentence.

   6. Any words between it and the first verb will go below that left-side box.

Small Group Activity

  1. Draw a tree for each sentence in the Class Activity.
  2. Label the parts of speech.
  3. Show the trees to your teacher.
  4. Color the boxes after your teacher approves.


Sentence = S               Red

Noun = N                    Light Brown

Verb = V                     Light Green

Determiner = D           Light Blue

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise:    Northern Ireland