Three Types of Verbs

There are three types of verbs:


    • Alive verbs                –             show we are alive.                    is, was, were, are
    • Action verbs              –             show action.                             put, ask, remember, think
    • Noun verbs                –             nouns acting as verbs.             hammer, saw, nail, collar

Noun-verbs are verbs that can also be nouns. They are the best kinds of verbs. They show an object and an action at the same time.

Class Activity

Your teacher will divide you into two groups, with a desk in the middle.

Team 1 will pick enough words so each person in the other group will have one. They will use the two tests for verbs to make sure the words are all verbs. Team members can confer with each other. No dictionaries are allowed. Team 1 will number the words.

Each person in Team 2 will choose a number without knowing what word that is. Each team member will take their turn in the chair in the middle. They will then be told what the word is.  The person in the middle chair can have one of four reponses:

A. “It is not a verb.”

B. “It is a verb that shows we are alive.”

C. “It is an action verb.”

D. “It is a noun-verb.”

Answers B, C, and D earn Team 2 one point. Answer A earns Team 2 two points. However, if the person chooses Answer A and it is a verb, then one point is deducted from Team 2’s score.

The process is repeated, with the sides switched.

The team with the most points after everyone has answered wins the game.

In case of a tie, each team selects a team member to answer. The teacher chooses ten verbs (the words must be verbs) and puts them in a jar or small box. The teams flip a coin to see which team goes first. The chosen team member chooses five pieces of paper, reads each aloud, and chooses answer B, C, or D.

Then the other team’s chosen person does the same. The highest number correct determines the winning team. If the score is still tied, then each team chooses a second middle-chair player, and the process is repeated.

Small Group Activity

Determine if these are alive verbs, action verbs, or noun verbs.

1. plant

6. table

11. label          

16. is

2. were

7. think

12. paper        

17. roof          

3. imagine

8. was

13. curtain      

18. weigh       

4. crawls

9. chicken

14. beg           

19. wall          

5. gallop

10. picture

15. cloud

20. sigh

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise:      Three Isles