The Two-Sentence/Hyperthesis

Two Sentence - Hyperthesis

In Lessons 2.14-2.16 you will learn to create Why Statements. You will then link them to the What Statement. The result will be a hyperthesis of two sentences or one sentence.

The Two-Sentence Hyperthesis

It is best to start with a two-sentence hyperthesis. It is less likely to have an error than is a one-sentence hyperthesis. 

In the two-sentence hyperthesis, write the What Statement. Then start a new sentence with a phrase that links the Why Statement to the What Statement.  The second sentence usually will contain the word because near the sentence’s beginning. For example:

    • Terrance Hunt’s theory of how the Easter Island statues were moved differs dramatically from Jo Anne Van Tilburg’s theory. That difference is important because …

Individual or Small-Group Activity

Complete the exercise:   El Salvador

Optional Exercise

[1] A medicine once used in hunting in Africa

[1] High blood pressure