Grades 3+

Sardinia, just south of Corsica, is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. Like Corsica, it is mountainous and has splendid beaches.

Perhaps its most interesting part is Asinara, an island just off its coast. No one lives there permanently. A national park, it is home to a population of 120 albino donkeys. They have white fur and pink eyes.

The donkeys came to the island many centuries ago, brought by traders or explorers. In fact, their presence may go all the way back to Ancient Phoenicia, before the time of the Romans. A little over a hundred years ago, people were ordered to evacuate the island. They took only what they could carry, leaving the donkeys to dominate the island.

Today, the donkeys are a protected species and a popular tourist attraction. They live peacefully, grazing and roaming freely on the open fields.

Sardinia Activity 1

Fix any pronoun problems.

1. The island was a place of donkeys, farmers, and fishermen. But in 1885, they left.
2. Sardinia and Corsica are similar. It is mountainous and has splendid beaches.
3. The island is home to 120 donkeys, which have white fur and pink eyes.