Grades 6+

According to legend, Helios, the Sun God, was in love with a nymph named Rhodes. He wanted to make her his wife, but she refused him. Out of anger, Helios cursed Rhodes, turning her into an island. Then he cursed the island of Rhodes, causing it to be shrouded in darkness.

To appease Helios, the people of Rhodes built a giant statue of Helios. Made of bronze and ivory, it stood atop a white marble pedestal near the harbor entrance. It was about 100 feet tall, making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world. To those visiting the island, the Colossus would have been awe-inspiring. Its size and its position made it visible from miles.  It was so tall that ships entering the harbor would pass between the statue’s legs.

But the statue was not to last. In 226 B.C., a powerful earthquake struck the island, destroying much of the city. Sadly, the Colossus of Rhodes toppled and broke into many pieces.

Rhodes Activity 1

Locate the essay’s four conjunctions.