Nouns vs. Verbs

So far, we have looked at nouns and verbs separately. We have used these tests:

Noun:              The _________ named ________

Verb:               She ___________.  OR  They ___________.

Fill in either blank, and the word is a noun.

Class Activity

Determine if the following are nouns, verbs, or neither. Do not name the part of speech if the word is not a noun or verb.

1.   is

6. goat

11. flew

16. gorilla

3. just

8. grabs

13. bread

18. not

4. banana

9. great

14.  moreover

19. commuter

5. hook shot

10. yet

15.  teapot

20. goes

Words That Are Both Nouns and Verbs

Most verbs and nouns are interchangeable. Sometimes they are verbs, and sometimes they are nouns. It depends on the sentence.  Just use common sense.

Noun                                                               Verb

Example:       The cook was talented.                                   They cook well.

                        The beat made people want to dance.            They beat the drums hard.

                        The radio was broken.                                    Let’s radio Fred tonight.

                        The light brightened up the room.                  We will light a candle for Jane.

Adding Words for Verbs

Sometimes you must add information to the right of the verb:

Noun: the horse                      Verb: They horse around at school.

Noun: the boat                      Verb: They boat to school every day.

Small Group Activity

Determine if the following are nouns, verbs, or neither. Hint: to see if a noun is a verb, try to say it by adding -ed. Example: The sun (noun). The rattlesnake sunned on the rock.

1.      crackers

6. snorkel

11. dream

16. Thor

1.   laugh

7. radio

12. bus

17. hammer

2.   sometimes

8. if

13. car

18. should

4. hook

9. watch

14. forehead

19. trash

5. elephant

10. trail

15. roof

20. clam

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete either exercise:   Iceland Grades 1+

                                              Iceland Grades 7+