Misused Words That Begin with the Letter F

Misused Words That
Begin with the Letter F

Flake vs. Flak

Flake refers to pieces of snow or paint. It also is slang for a person who is lazy or won’t follow directions.  

Johnson was such a flake that he would skip all his classes and hang out in the empty hallways.

Flak refers to negative criticism.

Amanda grew tired of the constant flak she received as student body president.

Flesh Out vs. Flush Out

Flesh out refers to adding information in order to help complete people’s understanding of something.

Jeseria fleshed out the minor characters in the novel she was writing.

Flush out refers to making a quarry, such as game birds, emerge from hiding when someone is hunting. 

Bobby Sue flushed out the pheasants so her sister could have a good shot at one.

Flounder vs. Founder

To flounder means to be confused or indecisive.

No matter how hard he tried, Peter continued to flounder in trigonometry.

To founder means to fail, especially with a boat sinking.

The commercial fishing boat hit a reef and soon began to founder.

Flout vs. Flaunt

To flout means to ignore a law.

The judge’s son continued to flout the town’s speed laws.

To flaunt means to show off.

Judy loved to flaunt her good looks.

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