Misused Words That Begin with the Letter E

Misused Words That
Begin with the Letter E

e.g. and i.e.

e.g. is Latin for “for example.”

Americans invented the short story, e.g. Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

i.e. is Latin for “that is” or “in other words.”

Poe also invented the detective story, i.e. “Murder in the Rue Morgue.”

Economic vs. Economical

Economic refers to the economy.

Leading economic factors indicate that a recession may occur next year.

Economical refers to anything that saves time, money, or energy.

This house’s utilities are very economical.

Elicit vs. Illicit

Elicit means “to draw out something from someone.”

Next, as a teacher you need to elicit definitions from the students for the story’s vocabulary.

Illicit means “illegal.”

Shipping or selling cocaine is an illicit activity.

Emigration vs. Immigration

Emigration means leaving a country with the intention of staying away for the rest of one’s life. The verb is “emigrate.”

Amir emigrated from Turkey after losing his business.

Immigration means arriving in a country with the intention of staying there for the rest of one’s life. The verb is “immigrate.”

Amir immigrated to Germany in the hopes of opening a small restaurant.

Eminent vs. Preeminent vs. Imminent

Eminent means “highly regarded.”

Professor Smith was an eminent scholar in his field of astrophysics.

Preeminent means “most highly regarded.”

Professor Jones was the world’s preeminent scholar in her field of biology.

Imminent means “about to happen.”

The siren warned of an imminent tsunami.

Exacerbate vs. Exasperate

Exacerbate means “to worsen.”

The increasing rain exacerbated the flooding.

Exasperate means “to annoy.”

The whiny children exasperated the baseball coach.   

Expedient vs. Expeditious

Expedient means to do something quickly or conveniently but not necessarily well.

The boy’s expedient solution was to put his thumb in the hole in the boat.

Expeditious means to do something quickly, and usually well. 

The adventurer’s expeditious solution was to pull the boat from the water, carve a plug from a hardwood, and seal it with pitch.

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