Trees and Interjections

Trees and Interjections

Adding interjections to trees is simple.

    • Treat them as a one-word sentence if they stand alone.
    • Place them left of what goes before the first verb if they are attached to the sentence.

Interjections That Stand Alone

Example:         Hello.

Example:         Darn it!

We will color interjections gray.

Interjections Attached to a Sentence

Example: Hello, I would like to talk to Bill. 

Small Group Class Activity

Label the parts of speech of the following sentence. Then draw and, if your teacher wishes, color the tree.

Sentence         =          red

Nouns             =          brown

Verbs              =          green

Determiners   =          blue

Prepositions   =          pink

Pronouns        =          purple

Adjectives      =          orange

Conjunctions =         yellow

Interjections   =          gray

    1. Good grief!
    2. Darn, I should have bet on the Nuggets!

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise:        Romania

Optional Activity