Trees and Pronouns

Trees and Pronouns

We can now add pronouns and prepositions to our syntax tree(s).

Individual Activity

      • Label pronouns P purple. It starts with
      • Label prepositions PR. Color them pink.


      • Put the first verb in the box on the upper right.
      • to is a V if it is followed by a V. Otherwise, it is a Pr.
      • a V never follows a D.
      • a noun + apostrophe is a D.

Small Group Activity

Draw and label a tree for each sentence below. Color the trees if instructed.

1. Everyone should learn to fix engines.

2. He won a trip to Europe.

3. We all should ask for a raise.

4. The oven has gone on the blink.

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete the exercise for at least one of these:     Azores
Canary Islands