Grades 7+

Kosovo, an autonomous province in southeastern Serbia, was home to both Albanians and Serbians. In February,1998, tensions between these two groups escalated into the Kosovo War, when Serbia launched a mass massacre targeting Albanians, many of whom were Muslims.

Serbian forces injured and killed people, committed mass rape, bombed houses and schools, and forced 1.5 million people – about 90% of the population – to flee their homes. These displaced individuals faced severe hardships, lacking food, shelter, and medical care.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) emerged to fight against Serbian army and protect the Albanians. The KLA employed tactics such as ambushes and sabotage. They provided safe havens for those in need and supplied them with weapons for self-defense.

However, the KLA required additional support to effectively counter the Serbian forces. The war persisted until a coalition of countries, led by the United States, intervened to help the situation. They fought against the Serbian army, striving to end the violence and protect the innocent. The conflict involved intense battles with bombs and missiles. Finally, on June 20, 1999, the war came to an end.

The bloody Kosovo War paved the way for Kosovo’s independence. On February 17, 2008, Kosovo was recognized by the United Nations and numerous other countries. However, Serbia continues to claim Kosovo as part of its territory, leading to ongoing tensions between the two nations. Despite the war’s conclusion, the animosity and disputes between Serbia and Kosovo remain high to this day.

Kosovo Activity 1

Start a new paragraph at the end of the essay. Use an interjection that summarizes that subject.  Given the subject, do not make the interjection humorous or mean-spirited.