Introduction to Clarity

Introduction to Clarity

Being clear in writing is not easy. Writing usually is meant to be read by strangers or at least by people who do not live close to you. After all, communicating face-to-face is clearer and more effective.

Clarity consists of—

    • A clear topic readers will want to read about. It needs to be something they do not know much about – otherwise, why read about it? – and it needs to be likely to interest them.
    • A clear thesis – which is a summary or a sentence or two – that occurs in the beginning of the document, so people will be better able to understand what they are reading.
    • A clear overall organization, rather than a document that jumps around.
    • Clarity in each part of the organization so readers can understand each section.
    • Clear and relatively complete information so readers can understand the material.
    • Sentences that are easy to read.
    • Words that are used correctly.

This book takes you through the above ideas. Each lesson includes reinforcement exercises that enable you to practice the lesson’s concept while learning about the geography of North America. 

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