D of IDP: Define, Describe, and/or Discuss

D of IDP: define, describe, and/or discuss

After you introduce part of the paper, you need to explain the part so readers understand the section.

Let’s say that you identified the following What Statement:

            Changes in rifle technology have dramatically affected sniper efficiency. 

It looks like the two variables are—

            Variable 1:      Changes in rifle technology

            Variable 2:      Sniper efficiency

However, it is impossible to discuss these two concepts separately. In actuality, the What Statement is a comparison.  It includes an implied variable. The two variables are— 

            Variable 1:      Snipers and early sniping history

            Variable 2:      Modern snipers and sniper efficiency

Review: The Old Variable – Introduction

There are many ways you could start this variable. Of course, you want to have a Claim – a statement that can be argued.

Small-Group or Class Activity

Which of the following would be the best introduction for Variable 1? 

    1. The sniper is best suited to combat environments where one side is at a disadvantage.
    2. Sniper rifles are often extremely powerful and very loud.
    3. A sniper is a military marksmanwho shoots from concealed positions or at great distances.
    4. The name snipercomes from the verb to snipe, which originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India in reference to shooting birds called snipes, which were difficult to hunt.  

The Old Variable – Part D

You now need to make sure your answers knows what you are talking about. You can—

    • Define what snipers are
    • Describe their roles

This might only take a sentence or two. Or it can be longer. The Old Section is often short, since most educated adults will have knowledge of this part of the subject, so keeping Part D short is usually wise.

Small-Group Activity







Individual or Small-Group Activity

Complete the exercise:    Northwest Territories

Optional Activity