Comparisons and Adjectives

Adjectives have special endings when we are comparing things.


Word usually will end in

Word always will end in


Comparing 2 things

er or re


bigger dog

more money

Comparing 3+ things



biggest dog

most money

My brother lives in Europe.


My elder brother lives in Europe.                                                             My eldest brother lives in Europe

     Two                                                                                                         Three or more

We had snow yesterday.                                                                                                 1

We had more snow yesterday than all of last year.                                                        2

We had the most snow we have ever had.                                                                      3 or more

Exceptions: Good and Bad

One thing:                   good

Two things:                better

Three+ things:            best

One thing:                  bad                 

Two things:                worse

Three+ things:           worst

Baddest is slang for meaning “tough” or “excellent.” She is the baddest player I know.            


Do not double a comparison. It is saying the same thing twice:

more better                 most best                     bestest

Individual or Small Group Activity

Answer the following questions.

1. How many sons do I have?

My elder son is getting married.                               

2. How many tomatoes did I taste?

The smallest tomato tasted best.                                

3. How many classes am I taking?

Geometry is my harder class.                        

4. How many nouns do the directions involve?

The noun nearer the verb indicates singular or plural.

5. What is wrong with the sentence’s grammar?

This is a more better idea than your last one.            

Individual or Small Group Activity

Complete either exercise:     Montenegro


Optional Activity