Three Types of Verbs

There are three types of verbs.


    • Alive verbs                –             show we are alive.                    is, was, were, are
    • Action verbs              –             show action.                             put, ask, remember, think
    • Noun verbs                –             nouns acting as verbs.             hammer, saw, nail, collar

Noun-verbs are verbs that can also be nouns. They are the best kinds of verbs. They show an object and an action at the same time.

Three Types of Verbs Activity 1

Only one of the pictures below shows a true noun verb.  Which one is it?

Verbs three types

Three Types of Verbs Activity 2

Determine if these are alive verbs, action verbs, or noun verbs.

1. plant

6. table

11. label          

16. is

2. were

7. think

12. paper        

17. roof          

3. imagine

8. was

13. curtain      

18. weigh       

4. crawls

9. chicken

14. beg           

19. wall          

5. gallop

10. picture

15. cloud

20. sigh

Three Types of Verbs Activity 3



Channel Isles                                                             5+



                        Phineas Fogg                                                             4+

                        Captain Nemo                                                           4+


                        King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon           7+


                        David                                                                          6+

                        The Sistine Chapel                                                     6+

Three Types of Verbs Optional Activity